Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Well that was anti-climatic... - Sakura and Kero - Episode 5 
Cel, Sketch, and Screenshot
Sakura and the Panda and the Cute Store
Sakura to panda to kawaii omise 

Air Date: May 5, 1998

Animation Director: Koga Makoto

The Scene: Right after the disaster that was The Jump card capture...

“Well done, Sakura!” (Kero)
“It was an anticlimatic ending.” (Sakura)
“Aggressive, but stupid,” Kero summed up, referring to Jump. 

Why?: LOL I love the dazed look on her face, and her outfit is just adorable! Also side note: daisies are my favorite flower! They are so friendly! Kero also looks super cute and wise sitting cross-legged while floating!

About the Cel: The lines around her hair are super spotty, it looks like when someone removed the sketch they were not so careful because some of the lines are on the sketch. There also seems to be some disintegrating lines on the peach of her skin as well also some line fading on the daisy of her dress. Cel is not key however the cut is listed at the top as 282. And there is some brown paint at the top of the left register hole on the sketch. 
  1. Cel
  2. Screenshot
  3. Sketch