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What happened to your hand? - Yuiko and Ritsuka
Original Layout, Shuusei, and Screenshot
The Scene: After the doctor's appointment, Ritsuka goes home and is abused, and the next day he comes into school with more bandages on his person in particular his hand. Yuiko, as she worries about him asks, "What happened to your hand?"

Why?: This was part of that inch of sketches, I think I was aware of the drawing that was coming with, I was unaware the original layout would be with it as well. I have decided since I've started to collect Loveless, that I definitely need to pick up more Yuiko. She is just a blast, and reminds me of myself sometimes, including the annoying large breasts, the whining, and the bubbly! ^_^

About the Genga Set: This set comes with the original layout, an early sketch and then two partial layouts playing with Yuiko's expression. The Shuusei interestingly has the peripheral characters in it still which is interesting because I would think they would typically have their own layer as they do not move, like Yuiko does with her continual frenetic energy! 
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