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What Happened? - Toya, Douga A8 - Episode 34
Douga and Screenshot
Sakura and Yukito, and the Midday Moon
Sakura to Yukito to Hiru no Tsuki

Air Date:
 December 22, 1998
Animation Director:  Fujita Mariko

The Scene: Sakura and Yukito go missing, and it's evening. Just as Toya and Syaoran are going to go look for them, they appear. Toya runs up to them, with Sakura supporting the injured Yukito, and gives his friend this smile, before asking Sakura what happened.

Why?: It is a lovely douga, and Toya very rarely smiles he is almost always very blank faced or suspicious, or pensive. So when he does smile he is 1. Smiling at Yuki, 2. Smiling at Sakura... Luckily for me it was at Yuki ;) This sketch was another addition of the three weeks of doom, which will forever live in infamy ^_^

About the Douga: There is some paint transfer going on with Toya's face on the back of the sketch and some on the front on his jacket. This must have been stuck twice in a pile of cels or something that is my theory and I am sticking to it! There is also some black paint on the top of the douga by the register holes, as a painter everyone knows black infects everything it touches you apply black and let the sucker dry, I'm the painter was trying to clean the brush of excess infection... ^_^ The lines on this are crisp and clean and his eyes make me want to find my fainting couch... 
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