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What!? - Ichigo - Episode 306
For the Sake of Protecting! Ichigo vs. Tensa Zangetsu!
Mamoru Tame ni! Ichigo tai Tensa Zangetsu!

Air Date:
January 25, 2011

Animation Director: Umemura Tomomi

The Scene: Zangetsu reiterates his lack of concern over anyone who may or may not be waiting for Ichigo. Ichigo says he remembers Zangetsu saying that at the beginning of the fight, but adds that his position hasn't changed either. He is determined to protect the things he set out to protect. Zangetsu asks if that is what he needs the Final Getsuga Tenshō for. Ichigo confirms and attacks; when the swords meet again, Ichigo notices there's something different about Zangetsu and his sword. (Genga) Zangetsu pushes Ichigo back again and asks him one last thing: No matter how many times Ichigo falls, he'll keep getting up. 

Why?:  There are a couple of scenes/episodes I would like to focus on, because they are very interesting to me.  These few episodes where he fights his inner hollow/zanpakutō is very interesting.  The title basically gives away the plot of the episode...  *sighs Japanese titles*  Hoi!  Ichigo does not understand why they are fighting him, until it finally dawns on him that this fight has more at stake than just saving everyone else.

About the Sketch Set: The sketch set came with several partials and some lovely full genga as well is the very on point partial correction of his face.  I have attached the screenshot that matches the B3 Genga.
Gengas, Shuusei, and Screenshot
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