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What is that music? - Makoto and Ami - Episode 55 
Cel  and Screenshot
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Is Seijuro the Moonlight Knight? Mako-chan Falls in Love
Tsukikage wa Seijūrō? Moeru Mako-chan

Air Date: 
May 22, 1993

Animation Director: Itou Ikuko

Scene Summary: Makoto and Ami are looking for Usagi because she was supposed to meet them earlier in the morning for a shop talk. Then they hear Ail's music...

Why?: I have a very loose wishlist from this episode, it basically amounts to anything nice from this episode. I love the way there is extra detail put into their eyes it is lovely. I also am a fan of whenever Makoto starts crushing on someone. Teehee :)

About the Cel: This is a great cel it is a key end cel, and the detail is just amazing! If you look you can see the teeny tiny tulips painted on her bento bag! And even the stitching around the heart of Ami's bag! I have also mentioned that I adore the detail in their eyes as well from this episode. Line fading is typical of Toei cels. The cel has been bagged and microchamber papered :)