Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Cel and Screenshot
What is this feeling? - Sakura
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The Scene: Sakura and Li feel a presence, and because Sakura jumps headfirst into everything she runs a head of Li. She finally arrives at this well, "She asks what is this feeling?" Creepy music starts to play, the day becomes night and the well starts to glow. She approaches the well out of curiosity and she goes into a trance, the first of many in this movie, what's a ghost story without a trance or two? ^_~ This cel happens at the start of trance her head nods down and this is her slowly coming up into these creepy blank eyes...

Why?: When I first picked this up I was sure it was from the scene in the bookstore. Then I went looking, and I was like, even better! ^_^ I do want a few of the creepy blank eyes but I can settle with this for now. Even though this is a movement piece you look at it and sense stillness which makes sense in the context of the scene.

About the Cel: The cel did not come with the matching sketch, it is in excellent condition. There is little to no line fading it helps that the warmer colors have been cooled so the deterioration will be much slower. Not much to say else, the missing sketches would tell a broader story, but still a beautiful piece in it's own right.