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What's Wrong?! - Yue - Episode 69 
Cel and Screenshot
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Sakura and the Appearance of Clow Reed
Sakura to arawareta Clow Reed 

Air Date: 
March 14, 2000
Animation Director:  Takahashi Kumiko
The Scene: Yue has sensed Clow Reed's presence, and so him and Toya are running to Sakura to help her, and then Tokyo goes dark. Toya passes out, Yue is at first startled, then visibly upset (I would say this cel falls in to the visibly upset range), then angry. This a huge range of emotions for him, due to the fact he is almost constantly the ice prince, in comparison to the friendly and devoted Yukito. Of course Yue becomes equally as devoted as Yukito does when he chooses to...

Why?: I'm sure it would have rotated on Yahoo Japan several more times had I not snapped this up when I spotted it. It is a lovely image and one of the two times where Yue is doing the Toya-rescuing. ^_^ I love the shocked/upset look on his face, and I just have a huge thing for these two... err... three...

About the Cel: The background came stuck to it's matching sketch, I will say however that I tore the sketch when I removed it from the cel it was shellacked on there pretty hard. :P Which sucks! But the cel itself was not damaged, so all is good. I try to remove sketches from cels, because who knows what the admittedly acidic paper will do to a stuck sketch over time...