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Where's Ritsuka? - Yuiko
Layouts, Shuuseis and Screenshot
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The Scene: Yuiko is still running around looking for Ritsuka to apologize for her sociopathic classmates.  She's looking and looking, and then she spots him!  the expression on her face is super sweet!  ^_^

Why?: This came with that crazy inch of sketches, the setup is pretty large for a cut from the inch of sketches as a lot of the sketches only came in sets of one and two so I was pumped to get a good chunk of the cut.

About the Genga Set: This sketch set comprises the original layaouts with just the character as well as a couple corrections from one of the two animation directors for the episode.  Oddly enough the corrections are on some taped together paper and it ooks like that the director wanted the camera to pan down from the top while she is looking around for Ritsuka.