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Resources, where to go?

So this is a good starting point for new collectors who want to start up their own collections, and maybe interact with the community.  Feel free as always to reach out to me anytime through the feedback form with suggestions or comments.  Thanks, and happy collecting!  --Jadeduo

One of the original Anime Cel Collecting Forums started by a Sith-Krillin in the early 2000s and has been kept going by the very dedicated Cel Community.  Stop by to chat about cels, or ask questions any time!
Started by the Noisy Walrus in 2003, and then rebuilt in 2005.  The site isn't going to be changing anytime soon.  But if you are tech averse it is a good way to start up your own online gallery for free.  The site can be buggy, but the mods are helpful when they have time.
Site is mostly defunct at this point, but there is a lot of history here.  If you want to find out what the web was like for cel collectors in the mid to late 90s this is an interesting place to poke around in.

You don't speak Japanese but that is what google is for, the best place in the world to find Production Art from Japan.  Be careful a lot of sellers don't ship outside the country and in that case you must use a deputy service  
My current main deputy, they are slightly higher than other deputies price wise, but everything arrives to me safely and generally wrapped in a case of bubble wrap...  ^_^;;
Another of the early automated deputies, hope you never need any customer service from them.  They are rude and will ban you at the drop of a hat.  Prices are okay although SMJ has the edge by about 50 cents, depending on the auction. 

The #1 Deputy service collectors generally use, the service was started by another collector,  AnimeChaos.  Who had initially stopped collecting to build his business and has since come back to the community.  Prices are pretty good for a deputy, and their customer service is excellent.
Cel chat is where I usually hang out nowadays barring the week before cons.  It's a great group of people and if you need answers about cels or collecting in general quickly there is almost always someone there to talk to!