Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Whoa!  What a nasty plan! - Soubi and Ritsuka
Copy Layout, Shuusei, Genga, Dougas, and Screenshot
The Scene:  So this is how the conversation starts to get to the statemnt by Kio.  Kio asks Soubi why he is stalking Ritsuka instead of playing with him.  While Soubi sucks on a cigarette he says, "Last night, he told me not to come here."
Kio observes,  "You look delighted about that."
Soubi continuing his smoking, "I'm waiting.  I'll go later..."  
Kio rightly confused says, "Huh?"
Soubi looks at Kio sideways and says, "After he thoroughly experiences some time without me."  
Kio looks at Soubi crossly and scolds him, "Whoa!  What a nasty plan!" (Genga)

Why?: Haha  quite enjoy Soubi being all crafty, and Kio being all jealous of Ritsuka so cute!  ^_^  This set also has the distinction of having two different Shuusei one of which was done on the green paper, done by Nakayama Yumi and the other done by one of the animation directors of the episode.

About the Set: This set is very large there are two sets of corrections as well as the final genga set.  I scanned all the full sketches, but left off scanning all the partials.  It's interesting what was changed from one correction the other I wish I had some of the earlier roughs to compare them.  Heehee I liked particularily the change in Soubi by Nakayama-sensei she changed it so that you could fully see one glass so that he was hiding behind his glasses less and you can see the little evil smirk.  
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