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In My Dreams...

Layouts and Screenshot
Worried - Yukito & Toya
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The Scene: Toya and Yukito are coming out of the projection room after the end of the film, and they are surrounded by admirers as usual, however Toya is exhausted. And Yuki is super worried, looking at him while Toya struggles to stay awake while standing, although I would say turnabout is fair play in this instance.

Why?: This layout came with the background for one of the later cuts, as both cuts use the same background the layout came with this BG instead of the matching cel, which makes me super happy ^_^ I love the expression on Yuki's face, and the detail in his eyes are excellent.

About the Layout: I've attached the screenshot, as well as the layout for the matching background which was done mostly in green colored pencil sort of weird, there are a bunch of camera instructions on it as well. The BG Layout was also bent in several places hopefully sometime in the book will stop that from continuing. The layout of Yuki and Toya's shoulder itself was done in a light pencil and blue and red pencil, it has that quality of a quick sketch no fuss, no muss, kind of like the animator wanted to get an impression and then flesh it out more when it goes to genga.