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Worry, A4 Cel & Sketch - Toya
Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
  1. Cel
  2. Sketch
  3. Screenshot
The Scene: Yuki! Has just fallen off the balcony... And Toya has jumped down to check and see if he is alright from his fall, when he sees there is no blood on the ground he smiles (cel), but the smile quickly turns to a frown when he sees Yuki turn almost completely clear!

Why?: I have an obsession, with this episode and till now have been fairly unlucky with acquiring pieces from it except for a particular piece... but a whole bunch just came up recently at very decent prices so I went on a bit of a spree. The same thing happened with episode 66 a few months back. I just need to get around to making some backgrounds for these pieces! I love Toya's relieved smile, as he does it so rarely. Of course you would not know it from my collection as I tend to hoard those smiles as I find them.

About the Cel: The cel is in excellent condition, almost no line fading, there's a little of course at the very pointy parts of his hair. There is also a hole protector on the left register hole, this is not unusual to find in CCS cels I have several pieces with the hole protectors on them. Overall in excellent shape, just really, a really amazing find!

Sequence Buddies: There are 9 overall sequence buddies in this sequence, I know of 3 others, that means there should be 5 more somewhere out there! Renee's Cel Gallery has the A1 to start! Gecko Blue has the A5!, right after mine! Kathpatty has acquired the A9End although it says it is the A1 on her notes to the side, I recently acquired her matching A9End Douga which had gotten separated by some savvy or evil dealer depending on your opinion... I have a small obsession so when something from Episode 65 comes up, I snatch it up, if possible!