Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Y-you... you do want to be my friend? - Ritsuka & Yuiko 
Gengas and Screenshot
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The Scene:

(Through Tears) Y-you... you do want to be my friend. I'm keeping my Promise.

Yuiko: Then, then Yuiko will be good friends with you! (Genga)

Ritsuka: T-Then stop calling yourself by your name from today onwards. Just say "I" or "me".

Yuiko: I?

Ritsuka: Yeah.

Yuiko: I! I! I! I! Ritsuka, you smiled! Yuiko..., no I like that! I love your smiling face, Ritsuka-kun!

Why?: When I saw all the pretty colors in this piece in particular I HAD to have it. Also this is the turning point in Ritsuka and Yuiko's relationship, he was getting there but this is the point they become friends. He should no longer leave her abandoned at the side of the road. 

About the Genga Set: This set came with the A1Key Genga with just Ritsuka.  Then Yuiko's face just gets on the screen, for the C1Key, Ritsuka basically doesn't move his head very much.  The A2Key, C2Key are on separate pieces of paper, although I could not combine them as close as the screenshot says without losing some of the beautiful detail in Ritsuka's hair so I just put them together touching (She basically headbutts him)

The A3Key is the only one of sketches both on the same piece of paper.  The entire set is all in all 5 sketches, in multiple colored pencils, I was very happy that the scanner did a pretty good job picking up those colors with editing.