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Yeah! Knowing them, it'll be okay! - Goku - Episode 249 
Where is Gohan!? Ferocious Training in the Kaioshin Realm
Gohan wa Doko da!? Kaiōshinkai no Mōtokkun

Air Date: December 7, 1994

Animation Director: Yamamuro Tadayoshi

The Scene: Goku and Baba are in the netherworld flying back to whereever Goku goes. Baba stops unexpectedly while Goku is distracted, he whacks his head on her crystal ball. She asks him, "Are you sure that you are okay leaving the fight to those little guys?" 

He responds, while rubbing his head, "Yeah! Knowing them, it'll be okay!"

Why?: This is even better than what I was hoping for he, is being his optimistic self! And the whole scene just screams Goku! Also really funny if you have seen the Resurrection F movie at one point it looks almost like they re-used this cel. I will be trying to take a screenshot when it hits DVD, cause I was highly amused.

About the Cel: The cel is in pretty good condition although there is a lot of line fading in the warmer colors. And it is shellacked the background which is unmatching but most likely from later in the episode when Goku is in Yama's office asking if Gohan had come through as dead yet...

Note: Special super duper amazing thanks to
  Massacrist Manslayer for the episode ID! *bows* Thanks again! 
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