Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Cel, Layout, Douga, and Screenshot
You could say that... - Yukito 
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The Scene: This is one of the shots of the conversation after Sakura has told Yukito she loves him. Sakura asks him if he has found the one he loves most. And this layout is of his reply... "You could say that..." 

Why? This is a wishlist cel, one of the 60 or so screenshots I took of this episode the first time I watched it on my Zoomplayer. He is being so sweet and trying so hard not to disappoint her, but in the end how could anyone not be disappointed that the one you love will only ever love you like a little sister. 

About the Cel: I used the BG I made for the Decisions... Decisions... Yukito, but I flipped it so it looks more like the BG on the screenshot. One day when I'm bored I will fiddle around with paint and get an actual matching copy made to go with this cel and the next one... The cel is in great condition and came with the matching sketch.  I found the matching layout to this cel with a cel I bought at Otakon. There were a fair amount of matching layouts with the background because it was used in 6 cuts... So there was some repeat usage there. ^_^ Layout has some tears at the top, does not affect the image at all. Due to the way it was taped to the original background.