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You didn't come for me... - Soubi & Ritsuka 
Genga, Layout, Screenshots, and Manga Scan
The Scene: Yuiko in her innocence of Ritsuka's home situation comments on his change of demeanor, and Ritsuka flashes back to his Mother beating him. He runs away and Soubi stops him, this is I believe the fourth cut in the scene, of Ritsuka trying to pull away from him. Soubi says in answer to the what do you want question with, "You didn't come for me, Ritsuka, so I came here."

Why?: *sighs*. A first meeting Genga set so lovely. It's also so very rare to come across a non photocopy layout in a Genga set I was so excited when I opened it up.

About the Set: I love the roughness of the layout, done with a very sharp set of pencils. I also like that Ritsuka's expression is still shocked while Soubi is staring directly into his eyes, just lovely!
The sketch is very detailed and multicolored. Done with a very sharp set of pencils as well as multiple colored pencils it is quite lovely. This A1 has definitely changed from it's original layout, Ritsuka looks highly ticked off, and Soubi just smiles sweetly at him which is basically par for the course at times during this series.

Special Note! The layout might have been changed in the Genga stage to make it look slightly more like the Manga expressions take a looksee!

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