Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

You have time to look aside? - Soubi (3/4 turn)
Layout, Shuusei and Screenshot
The Scene: Right after Ritsuka gets restricted/injured, Soubi looks at him worriedly, and in an instant, Ai asks, "You have time to look aside?" While attacking them yet again!

Why?: Another one of the reasons I got this inch of sketches of course I had no idea it was an inch at the time gah! However the bold pencil and extreme fierceness in his have call out to me, also it was a pain in the rear to get a screenshot on this one!

About the Genga Set: The layout which I used as the main image is labeled A3 and came with a correction drawn on the green paper no stamp. The pencils on both are very rough although the details in Soubi's hair are more fleshed out in the correction, as well as the shadows.  *hides*
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