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You'll forgive me? - Ritsuka & Yuiko
Shuusei, Partial Genga, and Screenshot
The Scene: Yuiko interrupts class again with some ranting and then Ritsuka tells her it wasn't her fault. So then the scene cuts to this set of sketches, Yuiko asks, "You'll forgive me?" Ritsuka replies very shortly, "Yeah." Yuiko with all her enthusiasm busts out with, "Thank you!" (Ritsuka Blushes, Sketch)

Why?: I am not sure I was aware of this one coming in the inch of sketches either. I have definitely grown fond of Yuiko and her protectiveness of Ritsuka, as well as their friendship. It's very nice, also Ritsuka's blush is super cute!

About the Genga Set: Comes with three sketches two very rough layouts one of Ritsuka, and another of just his chin (I did not bother to scan this one LOL, and a shuusei of both Ritsuka and Yuiko. The shuusei is done on the peach/yellow paper, and has no sequence numbers on it the layouts do inform that the Ritsuka layers are B1-3End. 

Sequence Buddy: Gecko Blue has acquired the full original layout from this cut, follow the link to see!
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