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You're the one who should be prepared... - Vegitto - Episode 270 
Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
A Fissure Between Dimensions!! Has Boo Snapped!?
Jigen ni Kiretsu!! Bū ga Kirechatta!?

Air Date: July 12, 1995

Animation Director: Yukio Ebisawa

The Scene: So Buu jumps down Vegitto's throat and tries to beat him from the inside ^_~ Well Vegitto is not having that he, powers up and slims back down, saying aloud to Buu that, "You're the one who should be prepared!" There is a lovely pan right after then this lovely side shot of Vegitto, the cel happens just before Buu bulges out in his shoulder. 

Why?: SSJ Vegitto and regular Vegitto are on my list of loose DBZ wants so I got super pumped when this lovely profile showed up on YJ many months ago. I was unsure if I had the wherewithal to win him, but I figured I would make the effort. So when he ended lower than I expected I was super excited. Deals like that only come along once in a blue moon, so again excited! Sorry I gloat sometimes! Anywho I've always wanted a Vegitto mostly for fan girl reasons... If you are a fangirl you know why... 3:) But I also love that they basically took the best features of Goku and Vegeta and made him into one person.... And he is delicious, *wipes drool, fans self*

About the Cel: The cel is an A1E, B1, C2... The only thing that basically moves are his eyes and shoulder when Buu bulges out. So this will be the only complete set up you will see from this scene... *squee* Of course there is always the pan right before but, $$$. Anywho, BG is nonmatching and the sketches came on separate pieces of paper which I have merged, they make a lovely piece overall once cleaned up. It makes sense the cel is so very high quality. 
  1. Cel
  2. Douga
  3. Screenshot