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You really like Sakura-chan, don't you? - Yukito - Episode 57 
Cel and Douga
  1. Cel
  2. Douga
Sakura and Shaoran and the Elevator
Sakura to Shaoran to elevator

Air Date: 
November 16, 1999

Animation Director:  Hamada Kunihiko
The Scene:  Yukito literally ran in to Li when Li was lost in thought, and offered to go get some food and do a little shopping together. They end up in a kitchen store picking out cookie cutters for making Sakura cookies...

Syaoroan: "I'm sure that she would gladly eat anything that you make."

Yukito: "You really do like Sakura-chan very much, don't you?"

Once again Li was taken by complete surprise and sputtered, "Why- why would I -"

Why? A very sweet scene, Li is still trying to reconcile with the fact that he doesn't really love Yukito, just had a childish crush on him. When it is obvious to everyone around him that he loves Sakura...

Of course I am well aware that Yukito is still so blind as to not see Toya's love for him... *sighs*

About the Cel: When I picked up this one I knew exactly where in the show it was from and another of his brilliant smiles ^_^ It is the A3 right after the A2 I have ^_^ I just need to find a few more and I could do a gif ^_^... Anywho the cel is in pretty good condition there is however a smidge of paint loss in his hair that tiny piece that kicks out hinting some wave in his hair. Quite nice piece! I also believe this sequence is one of the few that are almost entirely key it is rare for concurrent sequence numbers to be key.

Special Note: Special super-duper thanks to the Curator of Sakura Bunnies who has the Al! She helped me to identify mine!! ^_^ 

UPDATE: It looks like she has either stopped collecting or has taken her gallery down permanently, if anyone knows what happened to the A1 in this sequence I would really appreciate it!