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Cel and Douga
You Still Haven't Told Sakura, Li? - Tomoyo
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The Scene: Sakura, Li, and Tomoyo met at the festival and were waiting for Toya and Yuki to show. Once they do Sakura drags Yuki away while everyone else follows, this gives Tomoyo and Li to have a quick chat.

Tomoyo: “I’m really glad that Sakura-chan has regained her cheerfulness.”

Li: “Aa.”

Tomoyo: She turns to look at him more fully and says, (cel) “You still haven’t told her, Li-kun? That is, about how you really feel.”

Why?: I want a couple more from this lovely conversation and one from the end of the episode. Tomoyo's expression is lovely, she is understanding and sad at the same time. She will never let Sakura know about her feelings yet she is encouraging Li to make is feelings known.

About the Cel: The cel is in excellent condition, there is very little line fading and is key. One of the things missing is the Li layer it doesn't look like he is moving much, but in CCS that can be deceptive I will be on the lookout for that layer for sure!