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Yuki... - Toya, Dougas D1 and B11 - Episode 38 
Douga and Screenshot
Sakura's Fun Strawberry Picking Adventure
Sakura no Tanoshii Ichigo Kariさくらの楽しいいちご狩り

Air Date: 
April 20, 1999
Animation Director:  Fujita Mariko
The Scene: Yuki says it is a good thing that the storage room opened and Toya says... "Yeah." Yuki looks at him slyly while Toya stares of in to the distance for a while. Yuki takes a drink and Toya says... "Yuki..." (Douga Set well sort off...)

Why?: Part of the infamous three weeks of doom, at least for me. I spent three Sundays in a row sleepless in the morning and then exhausted the rest of the day... I love the end of the strawberry episode. I love the fact that Toya, is about to spill the beans and then just leaves it hanging there. Because he senses Sakura is coming...

About the Dougas: There is some sort of tape over an ink mark on the Toya layer, it has not deteriorated at all and it is not on the Toya image. I'm not even sure what it is for because there seems to be no tears or anything and there is absolutely no yellowing you would expect of tape on paper of this age. So I am just really confused all around... about it. Layers are D1Key, B11Key. Both executed lovingly and with great care.

Sequence Buddies!: Kathpatty has acquired two pieces from this sequence - B11/Unknown Toya Sequence, and the B14/Unknown Toya Sequence

B11 Yuki, unknown Toya, probably the match to this set...

B14 Yuki, unknown Toya 
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